Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG Extended Wingtip
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG
Radial Rocket RG Panel
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Radial Rocket RG
The Radial Rocket RG offers added aerodynamic cleanliness and performance to an already distinctive design. The tricycle gear configuration enhances ease of take-off, landing and taxi operations. Flying the Rocket RG is like having your own personal prop fighter!
The Radial Rocket RG
The Radial Rocket RG features a spacious comfortable cockpit for two, In tandem
Gear cycle time is a very fast 4-5 seconds.
Rugged composite airframe designed for high performance aeerobatic flight.
The Radial Rocket RG utilizes extended wingtips, increasing overall span by 16 inches, offsetting the slightly increased empty weight and preserving climb/stall numbers. These extended tips are a great option for the Radial Rocket TD as well.
Gear control quadrant installed in the instrument panel. We like the gear control in a location near the glareshield, closer to the pilot's line of sight.
360 Hoorsepower M-14P engine drives an 80 inch diameter MT constant speed prop in our factory Radial Rocket RG. The 400 Horsepower M-14PF version of the engine adds even more performance!
The main gears incorporate a very rugged, heavy duty side brace assembly utilizing welded steel tubing and plate. 5.00 x 5 tires mounted on wheels with extra heavy duty disc brakes allow for the wheel/tire combination to be completely within the airfoil profile when retracted - very clean!
The heavy duty nose gear drag brace shares the same rugged design philosophy used with the main gear components. The nose strut features internal shimmy dampening, and automatically centers the wheel/tire prior to retraction.
Another view of the landing gear installation. The main gear wheel track is essentially the same as with the fixed gear - a wide stance resulting in great ground handling qualities. The landing gear is operated electro-hydraulically, utilizing an electric motor to drive the hydraulic pump and operate the hydraulic cylinders. With the hi -volume, heavy duty hydraulic powerpack we are using, gear retract time time looks to be just 4-5 seconds - quick!
Revised cowl air outlet ducts designed for the Radial Rocket RG.
An NLF (natural laminar flow) airfoil design combined with a very effective slotted flap system provides excellent airfoil performance throughout the speed range. Flaps are actuated electrically.
The Radial Rocket -
A distinctive design!
Radial Rocket RG Specifications *

/ Two, Tandem
Engine / M-14P, Nine Cylinder Radial, 360 HP
Prop / MT, 4 Blade, Constant Speed, 80 In. Diam.
Wingspan / 26.8 Ft.
Length / 22.2 Ft.
Cockpit Width / 34 In. Pilot, 30 In. Copilot
Wing Area / 93.9 Sq. Ft.
Empty Weight / 1720 Lbs.
Gross Weigth / 2575 Lbs.
Useful Load / 855 Lbs.
Baggage Capacity / 12 Cu. Ft.
Fuel Capacity / 65 Gals.
Cruise, High Speed / 242 Mph
Cruise, Economy / 210 Mph
Range, Econ. Cruise, 30 Min. Reserve / 1200 sm
Climb / 3500+ Fpm Solo, 2000+ Fpm Gross
Vso, Stall, Flaps Down / 70 Mph (61 Kts)
Vs1, Stall, Flaps Up / 85 Mph (74 Kts)
Vne, Never Exceed Speed / 280 Mph

*Specifications are subject to flight test.

The Radial Rocket RG is available as a Streamline Airframe Kit. Customized builder assist services are available up to and including a ready to fly Radial Rocket. - Contact us for details.